Video Rates & Pricing

Video rates and services.

Not all video production is packaged. We recognize custom production needs and offer free quotes.

Video rates vary based on Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. If your needs are for scriptwriting vs. shooting vs. editing, our video rates are based on the following prices. However, most video production projects are quoted by the project. We provide our hourly video rates to help customers begin managing project costs.


$40 per hour

Conceptual development, scriptwriting, story-boarding and all other pre-production services.

Not all production requires story-board development, yet all video is scripted, scheduled and shot accordingly.

Video requiring story-boards are typically more complex productions. Most of our client videos do not require the expense of story-boards.


$100 per hour

On location videography. All camera work – including motion production such as Steadicam, Slider & Jib shoots. And all other location production services.

Video rates begin and end on arrival to and departure from shoot locations.

Travel is additionally billed at .50 cents per mile round trip from Delray Beach Florida.


$50 per hour

Video editing, audio editing, motion graphics, and all other post-production services, including professional narration and voice over services.

Media Mark is responsible to bring your production in on time and on budget. We pride ourselves in this regard. However, if circumstances beyond our control dictate a budget over run, such as missed schedules by a client, we prorate any additional charges based on that services hourly rate.

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