10 Reasons Original Content Creation Rules!

Original content creation is time consuming. It takes more effort. It costs more. So why do it?

10 Reasons Original Content Creation Rules!1. Credibility

If you want readers to read and react to your content, give them a credible reason to do so. Inspire people to react to your content and take action, such as liking and sharing with friends (you can do that now, by clicking our share buttons floating around to the left of this page), click a ‘read more’ link, subscribe to email lists, or make a comment (below), or even go to a website to make a purchase!

Ask yourself how re-posting others content makes your business credible?

Original content promotes credibility!

2. Instill Expertise

You’re the expert in your field. Show it through original content. It’s easy to dispense expertise when your content outperforms your competitors, and in this article we explain the 10 Reasons Original Content Creation Rules!

Consumers recognize expertise when given authoritative content!

10 Reasons Original Content Creation Rules!

Creating original content with how to articles, instructional guides and in-depth discussion on your product and services instills knowledge & expertise!

3. Improve Conversion Rates

Original content improves click to sales conversion through targeted content publishing, and knowing how to meet customer demand. Original branded content specifically targets audiences, campaigns, products and specials. Exactly what your customers are looking for through keyword searches. We searched ‘Italian Dining in Reno” and your (companies) ‘Italian Dining in Reno’ post showed up on the first page. Reservations made! Click to sales conversion complete!

10 Reasons Original Content Creation Rules!

Nothing competes with original content for higher conversion rates!

4. Make Superior Connections

Consumers like to connect with those who actually provide something relevant to their needs. I get up an hour early to read my news feeds, tech reviews, social media and blog posts. Coffee is a staple in my morning routine, but not wasting time with irrelevant content! All of my connections provide something relevant to my needs, as should yours.

10 Reasons Original Content Creation Rules!

Original content creation makes for superior connections!

5. Better Search Rank

Google ranks original content better than all other. Creating original content requires research, planning and optimization. Original content delivers specific information, on topic, in precise detail, targeting specific markets. Google algorithms qualify original content as most credible for key search terms.

10 Reasons Original Content Creation Rules!

Original content creation helps increase Google page rank!

6. Increase Web Traffic

What motivates someone to click a website link? Do you click non-relevant website links? I think not! Ask yourself this…when and why do I click on a website link? Original content targets specific audiences, those already searching for or interested in your product, services or promotions. Spontaneous content campaigns don’t work. Plan your content. Target your audience, and then activate the 10 Reasons Original Content Creation Rules!

10 Reasons Original Content Creation Rules!

Original content creation increases website traffic!

7. Actionable Content

A call to action is irrelevant if there is no motivation to react!

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Many businesses don’t like to discount products and services.  But ask yourself this…how important is it to close that sale? Ecommerce offers the lowest overhead with a higher ROI than any other sales outlet! Meaning higher profit margins!

Discounts are the best actionable item on the web!

8. Targeted Campaigns

If you don’t know what your customers want, how do you ask them? Online surveys work, but many consumers won’t take the time. So how does one ask what your customers want? Original content creation allows you to ask! Just be sure to answer common questions in the asking. Original content creation proactively asks and answers common questions about products or services in real time.

That is great customer service. And great sales!

9. Focused Content

No one will find or read your news or posts if they’re not relevant, focused, engaging and to the point. Original content creation engages customers just like that. But engagement is not the only measurement of success! Original content inspires consumer interest. Focused content helps consumers make purchase decisions, inspires quality connections and brand trust.

Original content focuses brand recognition!

10. Professional Publishing

Maintaining a blog on your website is the single most effective marketing tool a small business can deploy. Every blog post you publish becomes a new page on your website for Google to crawl and rank your site. Blog posts can automatically post to your social media networks, with direct links back to your website. Original content rules in so many ways; from increased search results, to better customer service and public relations. Consistently published content helps consumers find and make purchase decisions. Original content increases opt-in email subscribers. Subscribers are interested in your business news. Targeted content publishing improves credibility and recognition of brand, products and services.

Original content creation provides the means to communicate directly to your customers and clients needs.

Working with a content creator ensures consistent, professional targeted publishing.

Media Mark directs, creates and publishes original content for small business marketing.

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As a content developer, Media Mark collaborates directly with you to define target audiences. Only then do we begin producing content to meet your goals.

In this post we offer advice on how to increase website traffic via publishing direct from your website blog.

Our content marketing strategy employs a 60/30/10 publishing formula. 60% of our content is (original) content direct from our website blog. 30% of our content is (curated) direct to respective social media networks. 10% of our posts are (syndicated) with those we follow. If you want others to follow & share your content it’s important to share their content too.

Media Mark’s 60/30/10 publishing formula (originate, curate, syndicate) works well for many businesses. But all markets are not created equal, so don’t blindly follow this advice. Collaborating with a professional content creator helps define exactly what works best for your industry.

Your business is not amateur! Why should your content be anything less? Hiring a professional content creator increases customer retention and return on investment (ROI).

Media Mark produces and publishes original content for success.

The adage – “Marketing does not cost it pays” is only true for those who do!

Real time metrics analysis is amazing and helps guide efforts with accurate data. We report & analyze online metrics and adjust campaign efforts for the best ROI in marketing.

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