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South Florida Advertising Design ProductionMedia Mark Productions. Advertising, design, production – Content development and marketing for small business.

Your small business is not amateur, why should your marketing efforts be anything less?

Content Development for Websites, Blog posts and Social Media.

Content Marketing by Experts – For Small Business Marketing!


“Copywriting for SEO & Consumer Interest”
“Great Design Stimulates the Senses”
“Creative Photography appeals to our Heart”
“Great Video Connects through Emotion”

Advertising, design, production for Business Development.

Media Mark offers professional and affordable website, social media and blog management and moderation. Media Mark puts the SEO into your content marketing. Quality content marketing informs and promotes interest and brand recognition.

Does your small business have a marketing department? Do you publish on a regular basis. Write your own blog? Manage your own social media? Are your efforts working? Does your advertising drive sales and improve your bottom line? Do you have a comprehensive marketing plan? Would you like too?

Don’t go it alone! Your small business can compete with corporate entities. Media Mark advertising, design, production works for small business. We create content which pays dividends.

Media Mark is an independent consultant and content developer for print and web based advertising. From our small business to yours – we provide personalized service with focused content for today’s technology markets. We use the most current design and production software and hardware to produce results, with comprehensive Return on Investment (ROI) analysis for your marketing campaigns. Our guarantee is to work harder and smarter than the others. Period! If your not happy with our work, we are not happy! And we love happy!

Ask us how to get the most out of your small business marketing budget! We offer free consultation.

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