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Aerial Photography Services

Florida Aerial Photography Services“There’s treasure in that sand”, so say these guys, “and not just gold!”

Treasure hunting is alive and well if you ask Clint and Brad, amateur metallurgists, researchers, surveyors and treasure hunters.

I met up with these two guys needing aerial images, specifically overhead shots covering coordinates derived from technology known as remote sensing, which, in this case, as described to me by Clint, is specifically tuned to identifying and mapping metallurgical properties.



Clint works identifying and mapping metal deposits. Not just treasure mind you, but any type of metallurgical deposits on the surface, under the ground, or under the water. According to Clint, remote sensing can pick up and specifically identify non-ferrous alloys, such as gold, silver, bronze, copper, titanium, iron, etc., and map target accuracy within 5-10 feet with gps. This fact, so I learned, is where my Aerial Photography Services comes into play.



Aerial images from 50, 100, 200 & 300 feet up, respectively, provide the means to overlay a grid system with targeted coordinates for accurate placement of ground markers. Much like an archeologist would grid and mark a dig site.



In this application, aerial images are used for mapping and surveying sites.

Two guys entrenched with innovative technology, in search of lost, buried, stashed, hoarded and hidden treasure!

Standard metal detectors help filter indiscriminate matter, with hand scoops to filter and check and discard junk artifacts.



Clint described their remote sensing & analysis tools are accurate enough to scan a house and map every piece of gold or silver on the premise. Literally watches on the bedstand in the upstairs bedroom, silverware in the downstairs dining room, and the safe in the basement. Clint went on to describe how they can specifically identify gold, silver, titanium, and any non-ferrous alloys, with accurate deposit densities. Facts, which if hold true, provide a measurable advantage for these two treasure hunters.



Mapping deposits is one thing, finding them is the challenge. Ok, let’s say you’re spot on coordinates to dig. You start digging away. One foot, two feet, damn it’s getting hard to dig, and at three feet you stop. Nothing! GPS is accurate up to and varies from 4-10 feet. With a proper grid you can take the guesswork out to systematically manage searches.



Clint required my Aerial Photography Services for survey and mapping.


Florida Aerial Photography Services


Clint sends his images back to the office to apply the real work, remote sensing magic, and when Clint gets his maps back they are marked up with grids and target points to apply as reference for physical marking on the ground.

Sites are cataloged, archived and monitored, and, in some cases, where legal, retrieved.

There are many laws concerning treasure hunting in Florida. I’ll leave that research up to folks like Clint, as I’m specifically here in an aerial photographer capacity.

Media Mark is invested in and provides Aerial Photography services for most any application.

Florida Aerial Photography Services by Media Mark

Including FLIR – Forward looking infrared (FLIR) cameras, adding radiometric data-gathering to sUAS applications as diverse as building and roof inspections, power grid inspections, infrastructure analysis, precision agriculture, and public safety.

Media Marks early adoption of FLIR technology provides years of research and product development to offer professional UAV Imaging needs for business and industry.


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