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South Florida Blog Development

“Blog sites are critical to Inbound Marketing as a hub is to spokes driving a wheel”

With a focused hub of networks, Blogs route linked highways of key words and phrases with all roads leading to your business!

Writing a Blog on your subject effectively promotes expertise and engages readers with educational, informative and promotional insight to build and maintain a strong customer base.

Blog development, writing and moderation by Media Mark. We author and manage blog sites for small businesses. Serving Reno, Sparks, Northern Nevada, Northern California and the world wide web.

Blog moderation plans start at $180 per month.

So how does someone else effectively write for your brand?

The following applies to blogs and social media moderation:

Discovery through ongoing interview is part of the process.

Business owners and or management team schedule thirty minutes a week interviewing with Media Mark to develop topical interest, character and style, creating a literal blogosphere of content development.

Through collaboration, and in preparation, Media Mark emails prescribed topics in advance of each weeks interview as agenda.

Media Mark delivers your information, products and services conveying your business philosophies, goals and sincerity, yet is recognized as not coming directly from a proprietor. A designed goal and appearance!

Media management for websites, blogs and social networks.

Media Mark develops and moderates blogs through direction and collaboration with clients.

Media Mark produces for you. Yours is the final decision on substance and topic.

Media Mark submits weekly subject matter for approval to meet publishing deadlines. It is Media Mark’s job to publish on schedule. It is the client’s job to commit to a defined interview schedule and approve content for publishing.

In the event of postponed or cancelled interviews, Media Mark will publish as appropriate and/or directed by the client.

Blog development, moderation and marketing for small business. Call today for a free consultation.

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