Cooking in a Wood Fired Oven

Why Cooking in a Wood Fired Oven is just right!

Cooking in a Wood Fired Oven

I want food that excites my taste buds!

Moist and crispy fish to die for, and endless supplies of scrumptious Pizza. I want my breads to have crusts to rival the best, and I want to cook heavenly roasted potatoes, meatballs, chicken wings and sandwiches to perfection.

Wood fired ovens are as common in Italy as the BBQ is in America, and for all the right reasons!

What are the benefits of cooking in a wood fired oven?

For starters, and call me biased, but everything tastes better cooked in a wood fired oven. It’s not hard to master your favorite breads, roasts, vegetables, braised dishes and casseroles cooking in a wood fired oven.



Hotter cooking temperatures blast 600 to 700 insane degrees; flash broiling your pizza to bring out the best in everything, while keeping the goodness in. Quick, hot & fresh, nothing tastes better.

Faster cook times from radiant heat across the top of the oven, with cooler temps on the bottom complete the recipe for a better authentic Neapolitan style pizza.



Better crust recipes straight out of Naples provide the true characteristics of a great Neapolitan pizza crust.

Unique, smoky flavor goodness with flash baked toppings give wood fired pizza it’s unique taste.

Toppings fired at high heat allow vegetables and herbs to retain nutrients and antioxidants that are depleted over longer cook times.



Cooking in a wood fired oven is convenient.

Wood fired ovens are easy and efficient to use, and simple to clean. Food remains are simply baked off when done.

Wood fired cooking is environmentally friendly; as it requires no electricity or gas. Just a small amount of wood & heat from the fire keeps things roasting to perfection.

And it’s just our luck, if you’re not able to cook in a wood fire oven in your backyard, you can dine at Wood & Fire Pizza Delray to experience the culinary delights of Naples right here in Delray Beach Florida.

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