Drone Safety Regulations

Drone Safety RegulationsMedia Mark is an active proponent of Drone Safety Regulation.

Personally, I do not like the term Drone. The term implies a negative image for many people. But that’s a moot point. For the public at large, and more importantly with the FED’s, this term is here to stay. Today the word ‘Drone’ is (incorrectly) synonymous with any remote controlled aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Media Mark’s refers to our fleet of UAV’s as Aerial Camera Platforms (ACP’s), because that is specifically how we use them. Rest assured, Media Mark operates and flies within Federal and local ordinance & regulations. Our primary business is confined to filming client properties and interests, with permissions, parameters and insurances fully documented.

Remote controlled aerial vehicles have been a popular recreation or hobby since the early 19th century. It’s only in recent times that UAV issues and concerns have, properly, arisen. This is inherently due in large part to technology outpacing regulation.

Most hobbyists and commercial operators are responsible pilots. It’s the few bad apples which make the headlines, creating negative impact and opinion.

Drone Safety Regulations are important to Media Mark’s business model. As a private individual, and more important in the context of this post, as a commercial UAV operator Media Mark is a strong advocate in promoting responsible regulation for the UAV industry.

Media Mark has been in the Commercial Photography and Video Production business for twenty years. Some of our photography and video work has declined due to the advent of technological advances. It was a simple choice and good business sense to extend and adapt our business model as technology in our fields advanced. Aerial photography and video capture is one of the many fields Media Mark has adapted with.

In that vein here is, from my perspective, a positive article on Drone Safety Regulations currently occurring throughout the US.

Media Mark operates on a full disclosure policy. We incorporate social and professional networks to that end. Your opinions, thoughts and concerns, as well interests, are important to Media Mark. Without you, our clients, we are nothing!

Media Mark reflects on and posts much of our business interests, and steadfastly responds to comments.

In recognition of potential negative concerns over UAV use in the US by the media, the general public, and our good neighbors, Media Mark will continue to post, question and answer interest on current and future Drone Safety Regulation.

If Media Mark can alleviate concerns over our Aerial Photography & Video Services, please don’t hesitate to call, write or comment on this topic.

Thank you for reading.


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