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Is ecommerce photography worth the expense?

ecommerce photography - Florida Commercial PhotographersQuality ecommerce photography should represent every detail of your product, in true color, with multiple views & image sizes. Do your product images accomplish this? Does your product photography portray the finest details and impart consumer confidence to close more sales?

In the business of ecommerce, professional product photography is a key element in driving consumer buying. Ultimately the decision to purchase, or not, comes down to quality product images. How does your image look?

If price is a decisive factor and your products are competitively priced, what sets your products apart?

What drives a consumer to hit your ‘buy now’ button vs. the other guys? The adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never been more important than in today’s ecommerce markets.


For Ecommerce Websites detailed product descriptions, business reputation and refund policy are often deciding factors. On a subconscious level, what the eye sees is branded into our decision making process. Consumers make decisions on what we see. Quality images spark those synapses in our brain.


We shoot products from small to large. From miniature glass turtles, to custom jewelry, to fashion apparel, sports apparel, soft and hard goods, to life-size sculptures and motorcycles.

Media Mark is located in Reno Nevada. We do product photography and old-fashion customer service. If your not happy, we’re not happy. No job is complete until then. This is not just a promise but our guarantee! If your images do not meet or exceed expectations, or if your not happy with your ecommerce photography for any reason, we re-shoot until you are.

Full service product pickup and return service, drop off, or mail in service. We can pick up your products, you can drop off your product, or mail your product to us and we’ll return it the same way. We can receive full pallets of product, or one to ten products as required.

We do location product photography for over-sized products. Most warehouse or large open office spaces with ten foot ceilings work well. Media Mark offers free onsite evaluations to assure shoot parameters.

Product Video is available. We provide HD and UHD (4K) video production.

Rates vary by product based on type, size, detail requirements, number of images per product, backdrop, and/or clipping paths (image cut out) and file types required.

We quote by the job, number of products, number of individual product shots required, edit and output requirements. Standard delivery includes three common file types, including processed .psd file, full res .jpg, and web res .jpg.


Quantity value starts at thirty (30) products with rates as low as $4-$6 per image.

For shoots in excess of 100 products, rates can be quoted at $3-$4 per image.


Close more sales with professional ecommerce photography by Media Mark!


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