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Reno Nevada Food Photographers!

Producing high quality food photography!

Traveling and shooting on-location at your establishment, restaurant, kitchen, or studio. Editorial and commercial food photography services.

Reno Food Photographers shoot on location for independent, regional and national restaurant chains, hospitals and corporate food service needs.

Shooting on location during business hours is challenging, but our methods and results prove amazing branding, through eye watering photography, capturing not only your incredible food but your facility, atmosphere and brand in two, three & four hour photography shoots.



Our process for location food photography:

♦ We set up at one of your four top, or six top, dining tables utilizing on-site props and branded materials as required and available.

♦ Set up takes about 30 minutes each on the front and back ends. Roughly one hour per location.

♦ The table set will be crowded with lights, camera equipment, props & food. Our typical lighting setup includes one 2×3 softbox on a stand, with two strobe lights (on stands) set up around the table. It is not recommended to seat adjacent tables.

♦ We request ten minutes per plate to style & shoot properly. This schedule produces roughly six individual dinner and/or appetizer plates per hour. This particular shoot took 3 hours.

♦ The chef, manager or server delivers individual plates to the table set. We shoot each plate one at a time, and move on to the next until done!



Rates are $100 per hour, with a two-hour minimum.

All time on location is billed accordingly.

Rates include image processing through delivery.

Travel is billed at .50 cents per mile from Reno Nevada 89502. Plus applicable travel costs such as overnight accommodation, meals, and direct production expenses.


Please view our booking policies here.

If you have any questions contact us. We will answer any questions directly.

We look forward to working on your next Food Photography project.

Thank you for reading.


Kent McCracken