On Location with Offshore Predators.

On Location with Offshore Predators

Media Mark is on-location with Offshore Predators in the Florida Keys this week. Fishing and filming shark tagging with four dedicated NOAA volunteers whose sole mission is to track shark population and migration. What a great experience. Fun and relaxing!

OSP is currently producing its first episode. Media Mark is pleased to be their production company of choice for a new and unique fishing show. But this post is not about OSP or its upcoming Offshore Predator show.

I just want to share a slice of paradise while working the good life in the Florida Keys, and it’s incredible coral cay archipelago. With some R&R courtesy of Postcard Inn & Resort in Islamorada Key Florida.

I’m not able to share any shark tagging footage at this time…

But if you subscribe here we’ll be sure you’re updated as to when the first episode will air. Life in the day of a shark episode for fishermen and conservation minded folk, who enjoy the oceans and all of its creatures, even the scary ones. Stay tuned. Follow Media Mark News & Reviews for the latest in Video and Photography production.



This week on location with Offshore Predators, I was able to enjoy more of the Florida Keys than I have in the past. I’ve been scuba diving in Key Largo and kayaking in Key Biscayne, and a few other smaller Keys off the coast of Miami. I’ve always told myself I need to go further south, with of course Key West the final destination. I’ll get there soon enough. But my destination this week is Islamorada Key.

If you haven’t spent any time in the Florida Keys, stop bothering with other Caribbean destinations and drive down to the Keys!

The most amazing clear blue water I have ever encountered. Right here in the Florida Keys. No passport required! With little outside influence, disturbance, politics, cares or worries. Leave it all behind in the Florida Keys. Have a drink. Read a book, poolside. Swim with dolphins and Manatees. Sleep in a hammock, on the beach, under the shade of a hundred umbrellas. Or fish for shark. Whatever!


Any time in, on, or under the water in the Keys is a great day!



R&R is just better in the Keys. There is a special quality here. The Keys radiate rest and relaxation! With trade winds blowing constant cool breezes, summer in the Keys means slow business, fewer crowds and discount prices at many resorts, activities, rentals and charters. There is great value to be discovered in the Keys in the summer.

Although thunderstorms are quite common in the summer, they push in cooler air, and come and go like the proverbial pop song on prime time radio. Speaking of music, Jimmy Buffet is still the primary genre down here, much to my content! If you’re not a Buffet fan, live music venues are as varied as the types of fish.

If you think it’s too hot to visit Florida in the summer, you have not visited the Keys. Trade winds cooled temps to the low 80’s during my two days on Islamorada Key. It felt like a different Florida compared to my place in Boca Raton.



If drifting away on the sands of a new day among relaxing melodies with Jimmy Buffet is not your style, try channeling something a little more rock and roll. While on location with Offshore Predators I found countless activities available to keep even the slowest land turtle active in this paradise of boating, fishing, beaches, mia tia’s and daiquiris which is the Florida Keys.

While in Islamorada filming shark tagging adventures, I experienced relaxation unencumbered with thoughts of deadlines and production schedules. And I was working. Location is everything!

If shark fishing is not your thing, and you would rather channel up some quality television adventures watching shark fishing, be sure to tune in for the first broadcast of Offshore Predators coming soon to a channel near you.

Thank you for reading.

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