Small Business Marketing

Media Mark provides small business marketing to meet the rigorous demands of today’s digital, mobile and e-commerce markets.

Updated 1/20/2023


Small Business Marketing


What’s Included?

Plans specific to web maintenance, blog marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, graphic design, photography and video marketing, and of course our signature comprehensive digital marketing plans.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is inclusive in everything we do!

SEO is a primary goal, but our focus runs much deeper than optimizing websites for page rank through maintaining the human element in everything we do!


Our Comprehensive Digital Marketing plans go the extra mile!

Small Business Marketing


Read through our plan specifications. Comprehensive digital marketing plans go the distance! Including monthly analytic and ROI reporting with detailed analysis and action lists.


Marketing plans are calibrated and tuned for a single purpose!

To create and maintain professional publishing networks to efficiently, effectively and profitably market your business, both locally and on the World Wide Web!


Plans qualify, define, write, produce, optimize, and publish focused media content on highly diverse sets of integrated networks.


We define goals, confirm direction and begin production. Collaboration runs as deep as a client desires. We start with a series of business interviews and discovery discussions and follow up with a top-notch publishing platform promoting what your business does best.

Weekly and monthly client meetings inspire creativeness and deliver a consistent message, as well provide quantitative analytics to measure and qualify your Return On Investment (ROI).

And that’s only the start…


Marketing plans focus on helping consumers find and purchase your goods and services, in highly competitive online and brick and mortar markets.


We accomplish this through keeping the human connection at the forefront of everything we do, incorporate superior click-to-sales conversion and customer retention rates. It costs 90% of an advertising budget to bring new customers to your store, and 10% to keep them coming back.

Our marketing model completes the first 90% and maintains the latter 10% through quantifiable metrics reports and analysis, with proactive campaign adjustments based on consumer interest and habit; key components to meet and exceed marketing, sales and public relations objectives.


Our small business marketing plans are inclusive as defined, yet scalable as your business grows.


Small Business Marketing


Media Mark comprises a dedicated team of professionals working specifically for small business interests.

We specialize in collaboration with business owners to compete successfully locally and on the world wide web. Collaboration runs as deep as a client desires.

We provide direction, production and publishing so you can focus on running your business.

Monthly metrics reports and analysis provide real time campaign qualification to manage and adjust efforts based on real time data.

Media Mark produces and maintains effective publishing tools to compete locally, and on the world wide web!

Methods include targeted campaign analysis segmentation, with A/B testing.



Developing a strategy specific to your company is key to success. Every business is different.

A variety of tactics are necessary to hit the right people in the right way. Strategy should be defined by customer behavior.

Some businesses rely primarily on inbound tactics, utilizing outbound tactics as needed. Some businesses built success solely using outbound tactics.

Marketing plans are built to perform at the highest level of Return On Investment for any budget!

If you have a marketing budget we will increase your ROI!

Media Mark assess and analyzes your needs, defines goals, outlines objectives, qualifies target audiences, and consults on the best strategies within a company’s budget.



Some businesses come to us with a marketing plan in place looking for implementation, others with no marketing plan at all. We are here to help navigate what’s best for your budget. We define and implement target marketing campaigns, produce content, and maintain publishing schedules.

We work in collaboration with owners, as consultant, director, producer, designer, copywriter, SEO specialist, blog moderator, social media manager, video producer and photographer.

Helping small businesses compete with big business since 2010.

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