Video Production

Video production and marketing for Florida business.

Located in Boca Raton in Palm Beach County, and serving all South Florida from Melbourne to Key West.

High definition video for any media, market or budget.

High definition 1080p (HD) and 4K (UHD) video production services for any application.

From concept to completion we deliver quality and affordability.

Video is essential in today’s business marketing. Video marketing is an SEO best practice. If your not utilizing video in your marketing campaigns, maybe it’s time you do?

Media Mark offers some of the most competitive video production rates in Florida. Call today for a free quote.

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Video Marketing

Here at Media Mark we don’t just produce quality video content.

We increase market reach through engaging, SEO optimized, video content for web, social and broadcast markets.

Media Mark produces branded video content for commercial advertising.

Video focused for local, national or web wide markets.

Video to boost SEO, increase brand recognition and to close more sales.

If you have a video concept in mind, media mark writes the script and produces your video to exceed your goals, deliver your message and connect with your intended audience.

Media Mark offers packaged video options including our single pack, two pack & four pack, or monthly video publishing.

For custom video rates and services click here.

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Professional Video

It’s your image! How does it look?

Your image emotes many qualities. None of it amateur!

Why should your video be anything less? Professional video production works.

Effective video begins with a good story, a good script, a defined production schedule, and professional direction throughout.

Media Mark directs the video process from development, through production, output and implementation.

We work hard on our projects, promoting collaboration in all aspects of production.

Details are the cornerstone to meeting and exceeding expectations in video marketing.

We bring the ‘direction’ and ‘detail’ to your video production.