Monthly Video Publishing (MVP)

Monthly video publishing for advertising, branding, and marketing solutions.

MVP focuses on what matters most. Your message and appeal!

We also know it’s a struggle for small business to sustain page rank in web searches.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the many advantages of video marketing.

We offer affordable 12-month video campaigns for branding, products, and services.

Serving Northern Nevada, including Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Lake Tahoe, Nevada and California.

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New Video Every Month

We call it Monthly Video Publishing, or just MVP

Whatever you call it, MVP reaches target audiences!

Video content meets customer interest and appeal, and provides detailed information.

We create twelve episodes of entwining stories or exposes, to elicit targeted responses from specific audiences.

Delivered, optimized, and uploaded to your Website, Server, YouTube, Vimeo, or third-party hosting channel.

MVP can comprise a singular message, brand or launch a series of products, profile services, or match long-term advertising campaigns.

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MVP Rates

Monthly Video Publishing

$630 Per Month

Invoiced on the first of each month, on a twelve (12) month contract.

Travel is additionally billed .60 cents per mile round trip from Reno 89502.

Choice of one :90, or two :30, or four :15 second video edits per month.

A production schedule is defined and adhered to bring your videos in on time and on budget, and includes:

1-hour conference per month. 2-hours pre-production per month. 2-hours production per month. 4-hours post-production per month.

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